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Let's start off on a soft note - XRP IS A SECURITY

Then show this -


#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Ripple's request for extra time regarding the redacted documents was granted in a Text Only Order.  The SEC is directed to produce the redacted documents for Defendants' assessment by March 30, 2022. Defendants' response is due April 4, 2022.

This may be the most positive #Ripple article seen in American Banker in some time. Highlights include Ripple's "tentacle growth" 😆 (Mar 3, 2022)

XRP’s price can nearly double if these levels are cracked


Crypto Industry Fights Back Against EU 'Unhosted Wallet' Propaganda


Biden White House anticipates $10 billion in revenue over next decade from crypto tax rules updates


BNB Chain to launch application-specific sidechains to reduce network strain



EOS to $10


Again: I wrote the Free Pass Memo and created the timeline & video library of incontrovertible proof at, but I do not desire the SEC to go after #ETH, the token.

The SEC Ethereum 'Free Pass' Theory and Why It's Important for Crypto



I’m talking about the token. Like
said, Today’s ETH is not a security. The SEC can go after individuals or companies for wrongdoing but hoping the SEC makes the same ridiculous claims against today’s #ETH as it’s claiming against today’s #XRP is not the answer.



“The paper also specifically named Ripple’s XRP as a unique cryptocurrency as it was one of the first “designed primarily for payments,” in contrast to most other crypto assets which were labeled as “speculative” stores of value.”


Worst price prediction article 😂

XRP Price Prediction: Ripple prepares for take-off


Preparing Taxes