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Filan - this is an outstanding thread from Filan all Through almost every comment to it.

#XRPCommunity #SECGov v #Ripple #XRP The SEC's request for an extension of time was GRANTED in a Text Only Order.  It stated: “The SEC shall inform the Court of its position on whether any additional discovery is required within a week of the filing of the Individual Defendants'

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XRP is NOT a Security

66,000 Members of this community have proof


ohn Deaton trolling Gensler

Curious how your crypto can be wiped out? Just wait for the next overreaching enforcement action filed by the @SECGov.

This extension is a big deal in form but not in substance. We all would love to see: DENIED.

Technically speaking, its understandable why it was granted. The SEC really doesn’t need to see the Answer to decide w/r more discovery is needed, but that’s usually how it’s done.

Anyone who claims the conflicts and appearances of impropriety are “conspiracy theories” show them this 👇 email about dinner.

When the appearance of impropriety is so significant that it destroys the public’s confidence in government, actual impropriety has occurred.


Jeremy Hogan thread

Yes, nothing changed yet.

It's obvious Ripple wants to have it briefed and ready for the Judge to decide the case this Summer.

It's also obvious that the SEC will say that they can't be ready that fast and try to push the briefing schedule back.


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‘No other industry is regulated by conclusory public comments and threatened enforcement actions. It has to stop!’


Nuvei Strengthens Integration with XDC Network by Supporting New Browser Extension Wallet XDCPay


The CFTC is gunning for a bigger role in regulating crypto


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Florida governor says the state will accept bitcoin for tax payments


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US exceptionalism could be tested as digital assets find footing worldwide — Sheila Warren


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FUD of the day

Ripple Is Under Siege as 63 Central Banks Collaborate on New Payments System Market

FUD. This is old new and was on BIS YouTube channel months ago. Also project Dunbar is partnered with Accenture and R3 both Ripple partners. Lastly this is just  one of many projects the BIS is working on.

Look into Phase 2 Helvetia


Nobody cares what a private company which created a debt instrument to harm all Americans thinks about crypto.

You’re not invited to the party pal.

Fed Chair Powell: New rules will be needed for crypto


Ripple post

Women in Blockchain: Emi Yoshikawa’s Global Influence | Ripple


Acala announces $250 million fund to fuel adoption of aUSD stablecoin on Polkadot



Now that @foyelicious has signed a big contract with the @NFL's @Jaguars, he wants to make his 💰 work for him.

He shares how he's investing in his future in this week's #letsgetnewmoney after show.

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