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Gasparino interview with Garlinghouse

FINALLY I feel like Ripple has taken the gloves off and is talking about how ridiculous the SEC's litigation tactics surrounding the "Hinman emails" are.

The judge may still allow the sur-reply but at least Ripple is calling out the delay tactics strongly. 💪💪

Proud of my home state and @CAgovernor for taking an important step today to ensure the US remains a place where blockchain and crypto can continue to thrive.

Ripple isn’t going anywhere

Crypto company Ripple leases 600 Battery St. in San Francisco - San Francisco Business Times


As long as you don’t invest in crypto.

It seems @GaryGensler is testing the labor theory of value at @SECGov. The more labor, the more value created? Nope. It's a fallacy in economics and in regulation.

We need one simple set of rules #TTA applying equally to all. Then enforcement will FINALLY be efficient and fair.

Gensler will go down in history as the worst SEC chair of all time.

And he earned it!

I would say an investment contract is more than an investment w/ an expectation of profits.

I would explain the Howey Test is a 4 factor test: 1) an investment; 2) into a common enterprise; 3) w/ a reasonable expectation of profits; 4) derived solely from the efforts of others.


The SEC getting publicly dragged by its own commissioner 😂

Even by government standards, the SEC is a special class of dysfunctional.

SEC Nearly Doubles Size of Enforcement’s Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit


Sound ominous? Wait until you read the release. (1/5)


In a Text Only Order, Magistrate Judge Netburn has granted the SEC's request to file a reply brief in connection with the SEC's attorney-client privilege claims regarding the Hinman speech documents. The SEC's reply is due by May 18, 2022.


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We’re super excited to announce we're opening @Coinbase_NFT Beta up to everyone.

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I agree with Max  Keiser