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The Crypto Dad himself, Giancarlo, with a Stellar idea to facilitate regulatory clarity, and a Crypto regulatory body

Former CFTC chair proposes a means for unifying crypto regulation from divided SEC and CFTC
Chris Giancarlo proposes bridging the authorities of the CFTC and SEC by elevating an existing working group.

Moneygram takes a stake in Ripple partner Coinme

Thanks @ok___cool for pointing it out:
- Today MGI invested in Coinme, their partner in offering cash/BTC services.
- Coinme is #Ripple's first announced partner for the crypto liquidity hub.

So MGI ended up using (~)ODL for BTC? 😂

Funny - play video

Just found this new footage of @GaryGensler!  I can't believe what he's saying!  

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