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Susan Friedman criticizes Senator Elizabeth Warren, arguing that the US government did not specifically save the crypto industry and that the decision to protect depositors affected various groups, including crypto. There is a call for Congress to halt the SEC's excessive overreach in cases involving Ripple, Grayscale, LBRY, and Voyager. Senator Tuberville reintroduces a bill allowing retirement crypto investments.

Circle CEO discusses vulnerabilities in the US banking system, while a satirical article mocks the failure of Gringotts Bank. There is criticism of the Biden administration for insuring all bank deposits, with some alleging that this action benefits wealthy individuals and organizations.

Some argue that the Federal Reserve is responsible for economic problems and should be ended. Elon Musk shares a humorous tweet related to the situation. A bipartisan effort is made to discover the root causes of recent bank failures, with the goal of ensuring the safety and soundness of banks and avoiding taxpayer burdens.

Finally, Anthony Scaramucci criticizes elderly politicians for failing the country and attempting to limit innovation due to their ignorance.

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Senator Tuberville Reintroduces Retirement Crypto Investment Bill | Live Bitcoin News
Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville is reintroducing a bill that would prevent the government from stopping retirees from investing in crypto.
Circle CEO Reveals Vulnerabilities In USA’s Banking System: Are We Out Of The Woods?
Throughout the past few months, the financial sector has been in absolute chaos. The Silicon Valley Bank’s failure and subsequent closure by US regulators

Kash Patel on Truth Social

Who banks with SVB... Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, BLM, anyone wants to bet Soros? Woke-ites and easy money. Case closed

Investors Leave Prime Money Funds For Government-Only Portfolios broader flight to safety, yield pushes total money fund assets to record $5 trillion