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Davidson - Remove Gensler

Full Comment from Davidson

Yes or No Chairman Gensler in 2016 when you were CFO of Hillary Campaign did you find the Steele Dossier

Emmer - Gensler you're busted


And he’s pushing innovation into the hands of a communist country, the United States’ number one adversary:

9 years on for Ethereum and with a trading volume of over USD$9 billion per day and the Chair of the SEC will not publicly answer Congress whether #Ethereum is a security but repeatedly says there is clarity. You have to pinch yourself to know it’s happening and not a bad dream.

#ripple #XRP Fam they saved the best for last @RepDonaldsPress ask @GaryGensler Great Questions IMO. “Mr Chairman you said the players in the Digital Asset  space don’t have a choices congress has not gave you authority where are you pulling that from, Hey last question you were…

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Gary Gensler is the head of the SEC

“Chair Gensler is doing a great Job!”

Gensler, under oath, denies knowledge of Steele Dossier payment despite being Clinton's 2016 campaign treasurer.

A House investigation is needed to verify Gensler's claims & examine Alpha Bank hoax payments.


@ByronDonalds I've got something better for you. This was John Podesta (former Clinton campaign Chairman) who testified under oath. Either he's lying or Gary Gensler is lying under oath


Thanks to Moon, she pulled me away from the screen. The project founders (from Palo Alto CA) can build quite a lot with their Series A round of $25M. I told @kevinlilili98 their logo looks like XRP had too much to drink! 😅
Btw, it's fun to have @MinusWells in Tokyo.🎉

This man woke up and decided to speak facts about the USD not losing Reserve status.

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On the season finale of WHO WANTS TO BE A TYRANT... For crying out loud! Just give us an answer Gary Gensler 🚨⁉️

Is it A, B, C or D?

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