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In this podcast episode, we discuss various articles and tweets related to the crypto and blockchain industry. We cover John Deaton's response to a new crypto bill, the Securities Clarity Act and its impact, the difference between ETH/EVM and XRPL ecosystems, Ripple's meeting with Wall Street analysts, the lack of clarity on an alleged $18B tax loophole, the US SEC dismissing enforcement cases due to a data mishap, and GemWallet as a past XRPL Grants recipient.

Deaton response to new Introduced Crypto Bill


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plz pass along. BTW, thank you to this community for having my back. you all are he best.


Jeremy Hogan

Hours and Days and Weeks and Months of work.

And never asked for a penny.

Hats off to Johnny D. - True American Hero.

The Securities Clarity Act.  

Also known as the:

"XRP holder protecting/Coinbase & Binance relieving/Crypto start-up protecting/USA Pro-innovation/Hinman speech codifying/Stick it to the SEC/  ACT."  

For short.


Wietse Wind on XRPL

🧵 Why is it always the ETH/EVM ecosystems coming up with new cool features and ideas, and why is the XRPL always playing catch up?

Because of smart contracts.

You don't have to change the entire blockchain protocol: you get a blank canvas, come up a new feature and build it.

It is a technological fork, new ledger, history back to ledger 1. Starts fresh, no 100bn pre mine, and tokens have to come from mainnet as a 1:1 issuance of what has been moved from mainnet.

As much as I respect the creators of XRP ledger @JoelKatz , Arthur Brito, and even @JedMcCaleb, I think it's time for #XRPL to have a life of its own, separate and apart from these gentlemen and @Ripple. The network is public and decentralized.

A beautifully designed  consensus…


Ellie Terrett

🚨I want to make the point that this move by @Ripple does NOT mean they're going public tomorrow or even a few months from now. It takes a minimum of 6 months to even prepare an IPO, but this meeting with major Wall Street analysts shows Ripple is getting the ball rolling.

Neither the @WhiteHouse nor @JoeBiden have expanded on what that $18B tax “loophole” that “crypto bros” are exploiting actually is. 🤷🏼‍♀️


US SEC to dismiss 42 enforcement cases after internal data mishap


GemWallet is a Web3 wallet #BuiltOnXRPL that enables you to make fast, secure and cheap payments on the XRP Ledger.

But DYK @gemwallet_app is a past XRPL Grants recipient? 👀

Learn more:


Atomic wallet hacked

This is also affecting XRPL users – we are monitoring reported thefts. If you've used Atomic wallet, we advise to move to a new wallet immediately.



Follow up on what happened (maybe some can learn, and others can offer some color) ....

My twitter account was hacked. Not exactly sure how.  (Note that I use a VPN)

I then got over 7k emails for newsletters and websites asking me to confirm.  

My phone's sim card was hacked,…

Jim explains how his account got hacked and taken over, like John Deaton has been experiencing.

Seems an important lesson here as well is to have 2FA with an authenticator app and not text messages.