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  • Is Ripple sunsetting ODL: Questions raised about ODL liquidity and Ripple sunsetting.
  • Senator Warren Anti-Crypto Army: Discuss Senator Warren's anti-crypto army and FTX dumping crypto.
  • XRP Ledger Documents Storage: Talk about document storage on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).
  • We Are The Builders Video: Watching a short film called "We Are The Builders" by Mason Lighthouse.
  • Bitcoin Price Movement: Discussion on the cyclical nature of the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin's price movement.
  • Ripple Payments: Talk about Ripple's on-demand liquidity (ODL) function and consolidation into "ripple payments."
  • XRP Reserve Currency: Clarification of XRP being a world reserve digital currency similar to Ripple replacing SWIFT.
  • Personal Evolution in Crypto Investment: Chip shares his evolution from being a Bitcoin maximalist to exploring other tokens and digital assets based on their research.
  • Bitcoin's Early Days: Discussion on the significance of Bitcoin in its early days and how it could have been different if people had grasped its importance.
  • Document Storage on XRP Ledger: Developers building on XRP Ledger to create document storage solutions.
  • Builders in Crypto Space: Emphasis on builders in the crypto space who solve problems by creating less friction for users.
  • Handbook for Crypto Industry: Mention of a meme called "Handing Over the Crypto Industry to the Incumbents for Dummies" featuring Gary Gensler.
  • FTX Digital Assets: Jeremy Hogan tweeted about FTX receiving approval to start dumping their coins and selling up to $50 million this week.
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