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Cardano Founder Says XRP Holders’ Claim About Hinman’s Conflict of Interest With Ethereum Is A “Grand Conspiracy”
Hoskinson’s recent podcast provokes XRP holders. Ripple (XRP) enthusiasts have maintained that there was a conflict of interest involving William Hinman, former SEC’s Director of Corporation Finance, during his time at the agency. As reported, aside from Hinman’s affiliations with the Ethereum proje…
XRP Ledger Transactions Can Now Be Initiated Offline: What Is xPoP?
Richard Holland of XRPL Labs demonstrates offline XRP transaction tool based on QR-codes
Ripple Operated Validators On The XRPLF Unique Node List (UNL) Reduced To Two
XRPFL makes changes to its UNL, reducing Ripple-owned validators to 2 while welcoming a new validator to the list. The number of Ripple-operated validators on the XRP Ledger Foundation UNL has been reduced to 2 as the XRPLF announced changes to the list in a tweet on Thursday welcoming xSPECTAR to t…
XRP Ledger Updated Its UNL: What Does This Mean?
Only two Ripple validators are now processing XRP transfers