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A win for XRP and Ripple

Judge Tores Unseals 3 letters

Ripple has a cozy relationship with global regulators, WTF is wrong with the US SEC? Stark contrast.

America Non-compete act passes House on party likes 222 to 210 - no surprise there. Won't pass the Senate. Not a bill that actually supports American Greatness. It does however continue to belittle this great Republic.

Disingenuous, and corrupted.

House Passes Controversial COMPETES Act

House Passes Controversial COMPETES Act
The House passed the controversial COMPETES Act in a mostly party-line 222–210 vote on Friday morning. The bill, ...

If you thought Daddy G was just bad for Crypto - then think again

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler embarks on ambitious regulatory agenda. What it means for investors
“This is one of the largest regulatory agendas we have seen from the SEC in many years,” said one former agency official.

Bill reintroduced to amend IRS Tax Code 1986

US lawmakers reintroduce bill to stop IRS from taxing crypto transactions under $200
Washington Representative Suzan DelBene reintroduced a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exclude gains from crypto transactions of $200 or less.

Toomey warns about Digital Yuan

Sen. Toomey Sounds Warning About China’s Digital Yuan as Olympics Start
The country is using the Winter Olympics in Beijing as an international test of its central bank digital currency (CBDC).

First China, now Myanmar, all the despots gather to start their CBDC

Myanmar Plans Its Own Digital Currency This Year to Lift Economy
Myanmar’s military government plans to establish a digital currency to support domestic payments and boost the economy within the year and is assessing how to move forward, according to a top spokesman of the State Administration Council.

Attorney Jeremy Hogan on Change in SEC v Ripple  Judge Tores

The faces of XRP

ICOs are illegal, so why did SEC go after Ripple and XRP - the only non-ICO

Vote to protect Crypto - but not at the sacrifice of everything else. Be careful of wolf in sheep's Mayor of NY who is not truly embracing Crypto....

These politicians know that the Crypto Community is a strong force to reckon with...but when you vote....know who and what you are voting is a good example...she supports New Green Deal, UBI, Taking away your Guns, Reforming Education to t he detriment of our children, and more bad ideas.

Policies - Aarika Rhodes for Congress 2022