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Global #crypto liquidity is able to support massive payments at scale – it's the lifeblood of crypto.

Ripple Liquidity Hub will allow enterprises to source, trade, move and manage value from a variety of liquidity venues.

Coming 2022.

Ripple Liquidity Hub for the Enterprise | Ripple

Designed as a turnkey solution for financial institutions, Ripple Liquidity Hub will leverage smart order routing to source digital assets at optimized prices from market makers, exchanges, and OTC desks. Enterprises will use Ripple Liquidity Hub to easily and seamlessly provide their end customers with the ability to buy, sell and hold digital assets at the best possible prices across a range of venues

Ripple Liquidity Hub for the Enterprise | Ripple
Announcing Ripple Liquidity Hub, a new way for enterprises to easily and efficiently source digital assets from the broader crypto market.
Ripple Liquidity Hub - Enterprise Digital Asset Sourcing Solution
Join the waitlist for Ripple Liquidity Hub, where enterprise companies can source digital assets from the broader crypto market to generate new revenue streams.

Ashhesh Birla tweet

Introducing Ripple Liquidity Hub -- a one stop shop for enterprises to source any tokenized asset (yes, really) for your customers from liquidity venues like MMs, ce/de exchanges, etc complete w/ a streamlined API, optimized pricing & smart routing 1/3

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