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Badass Yetis |
The Badass Yetis is a tribe of legendary creatures from the Himalayas, rockin’ some serious swag. They’re famous for fiercely defending their turf and being a force to reckon with for anyone bold enough to mess with their vibe. Grab a Badass Yetis and join the tribe!

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Badass Yetis Coffee
With Badass Yetis Coffee, you’re tasting a legend in a cup, a riot of flavors as powerful and mythical as our beloved Yetis. Every order is roasted just for you, resulting in a freshness as thrilling as a Yeti’s yodel!

Badass Yetis roast-to-order Coffee - Grab a bag and join the tribe!

Ripple to Issue USD-backed Stablecoin Bringing More Utility and Liquidity to XRP Ledger | Ripple
Learn more about Ripple’s upcoming USD-backed stablecoin to be issued on the XRP Ledger and Ethereum blockchains.
What Does Ripple’s Stablecoin Mean for XRP?
XRP has plenty of internet fans but Ripple has struggled to win real enterprise customers. Will its new stablecoin fill the gap and overshadow its existing token?