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Chris Larsen

This made me laugh out loud 😂. 1. Ripple has nothing to do with this campaign 2. I've said time and again that my end goal for this campaign is for Bitcoin to succeed, and find ways BTC can contribute to the fight against climate change.

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Todays Agenda: @chrislarsensf vs @APompliano



James Filan

XRP Interesting article from today’s Wall Street Journal about ⁦@elonmusk⁩ and his battles with ⁦@SECGov⁩ and others.

Elon Musk Doesn’t Like Backing Down—on Twitter or in Court - The Wall Street Journal


Ripple wasn't created to sell XRP. At least I expected that we would fairly quickly give most of it away either directly to end users or to incentivize builders. I didn't realize how difficult and unrealistic that was.


Deaton is savage

Maybe the first thing you all can do is stop @GaryGensler from land grabbing your jurisdiction over digital assets that have been openly traded within the U.S. for almost a decade. Let’s start there.

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Bitcoin and ETH determined to be commodities?


EU Doesn't restrict Bitcoin


Exxon Mining Bitcoin

Fuel giant ExxonMobile is using excess gas flares at their plant in North Dakota to mine bitcoin in an attempt to slash carbon emissions


Robert  Kiyosaki says buy Bitcoin as a hedge against collapse of USD


$650M stolen by hackers on Axie Infinity


Warren Davidson

I’ve been working for years to provide legal clarity (including to @SECGov) for all digital assets, and will continue working. In Congress, the majority party sets the agenda for every hearing and chooses 100% of the bills for votes.

Vigorous oversight coming soon…


When Flare launch?

Q: Wen Flare?
A: The team is aiming for July 4, 2022🇺🇸(to be confirmed in mid-June, subject to audit)
#Flare is not just enabling early L1 tokens to be used with smart contracts, it's bringing advanced cross-chain interoperability to all networks


Jeff, this is troubling to say the least.

Fupay will become the nation’s first buy now, pay later provider to offer short-term loans for items such as milk, petrol and bread at three major outlets.


They said the quiet part out loud

Day 1 of the World Government Summit 2022

It took less than 30 seconds in...

"The title of this session, are we ready for a new world order?"



This has already been confirmed by @twobitidiot, @WarrenDavidson, @SenLummis, @laurashin and many others, so no verification needed!


Tom Emmer

The U.S. is not “behind China on crypto.” CBDCs are not crypto – they’re a government surveillance tool. Crypto creates freedom, it doesn’t destroy it.


Challenge one. Stop governments from using CBDCs.

CBDCs: From the "Hype" to the "How" of Making Financial Inclusion a Reality - Part 1 | Ripple


Chip’s tweet

The bigger challenge?

How do we stop governments from overreach when it comes to CBDCs.

What happened in Canada was the movie trailer for “CBDCs The Movie.”


11 companies form Canadian Web3 Council to advocate for comprehensive crypto strategy


Polygon ID platform seeks to enhance self-agency and privacy in the Web3 space