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Crypto’s aspiring Washington kingmaker
Sam Bankman-Fried — the 29-year-old billionaire who founded FTX in 2019 — is leveraging his new political connections as lawmakers try to understand crypto.
In today’s House hearing, Congress rejects Treasury’s proposed stablecoin regime
The biggest takeaway was likely the prevailing bipartisanship in opposition to major banks, which played strongly in favor of the crypto industry today.

US lawmaker pushes for state-level regulations on stablecoins at hearing on digital assets
Speaking virtually at a Tuesday hearing, North Carolina Representative Patrick McHenry asked the House Financial Services Committee to consider state-level regulatory frameworks in lieu of a comprehensive federal law on stablecoins.
Coinbase Files to Form a PAC Ahead of 2022 Midterms
Crypto firms are vying for influence in Washington, D.C.
Web3 Startup Alchemy Raises $200M to Fuel Blockchain Development - Blockworks
Web3 blockchain infrastructure startup Alchemy has closed a $200 million round earmarked for Web3 developers.
Here Are All the Bitcoin and Crypto Companies Airing a Super Bowl Ad - Decrypt
The crypto industry is preparing to blitz viewers with commercials during the Super Bowl. Don’t drop the nachos.
US government seizes $3.6 billion in bitcoin tied to 2016 hack of crypto exchange Bitfinex
The US Department of Justice said Tuesday that it has seized $3.6 billion worth of bitcoin tied to the 2016 hack of crypto exchange Bitfinex.
FDIC to Make Assessing Risks of Crypto a ‘Priority’ for 2022 - Decrypt
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has announced that assessing risks in cryptocurrencies will be a top priority for the coming year.
Softbank backed startup to offer retail crypto trading
The Softbank-backed stockbroker DriveWealth is aiming to undercut Coinbase’s high fees by offering liquidity for partners that want to allow retail investors to trade crypto on their platforms.
Vesting Contract for Polygon DeFi Protocol QiDAO Exploited for $13 Million - Decrypt
Hackers made off with more than $13 million in various tokens after exploiting QiDAO’s Superfluid vesting contract.
Your Right to Anonymity Ends Where Risk to My Money Begins
Privacy is a key value of crypto, and of a healthy society. But it ends when you seek wealth and influence - for good reason.