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Garlinghouse on Gensler

.@WSJopinion writes “Mr. Gensler’s blockade is counter-productive if his aim is to protect investors.”

If that doesn’t call for Congressional action to stop Chair Gensler’s preferred method of regulation by enforcement, I’m not sure what does…


Two years ago we embarked on a journey to design smart contract features for the XRP Ledger.

July 30th, 2020, we published a blog with the title "XRPL Labs is working on the “HOOKS” amendment for the XRP Ledger. Supporting business logic integration for developers."

Next week, we our hosting our first of many DEA summerfests, generously sponsored by @EYnews, @Ripple and Bundesdruckerei and set up in collaboration with @fsblockchain.

We express our thanks to our sponsors who are decisively contributing to the success of the summerfest!

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