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Ripple Strikes Back – SEC WARS – T-shirt

The SEC dropped a lawsuit at the end of 2020 alleging that Ripple sold XRP as an unregistered security. Ripple Strikes Back. Game on Bitchez.

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Gensler Facts:

🚨Look what we just received in our tip inbox last night – the Ethics Agreement Memo @GaryGensler signed with the SEC ethics office when he came on board as chairman. 👀 🧵1/3


Baba Cugs, Jeremy Hogan tweets.

Thanks Jeremy. This is encouraging to hear. On what we currently know about the facts surrounding the FND it would seem that the SEC could not progress to this point. Hinman email  fiasco ends with Torres appeal rejection, no?
@jungleincxrp @XRPArmyNews1


You know who’s  name is MISSING on all the privilege logs and emails?


The Ethics Chief who sternly informed Hinman he was barred by the criminal financial conflict laws. See 👇👇👇

The Truth Rests.


Although I’ve made it clear that if the SEC had sued @ethereum @VitalikButerin @ethereumJoseph & @ConsenSys alleging #ETH itself, in the secondary market,  is a security, I would’ve sued @SECGov and be representing tens of thousands (or more) of #ETHHolders instead of #XRPHolders

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