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  • XRP's price surge and SEC appeal: Discussion on the impact of Judge Torres' decision on XRP's price surge and the possibility of SEC appealing the ruling.
  • Attorneys' opinions on the ruling: Analysis of different attorneys' opinions on Judge Torres' ruling and their predictions for future appeals.
  • Congressional action needed for crypto clarity: Discussion on the need for congressional action to provide regulatory clarity for cryptocurrencies, with Congressman Ritchie Torres calling for an investigation into SEC's approach to digital assets.
  • Regulatory clarity for crypto industry: Bipartisan effort for regulatory clarity is a huge step forward. Congress needs to deliver a clear regulatory structure for the crypto asset industry that provides the highest level of consumer protection.
  • Ripple's fine: Ripple's fine should be in line with the way banks are fined, and it could be a multi-billion dollar fine that they face. SEC may settle the fines and choose to move on.
  • New Merchandise: Check out the new Sec Wars merchandise at, including Ripple Strikes Back T-shirts and hoodies.

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