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  • Crypto as a solution to cross-border payment friction: The group discusses the friction of moving money across borders and how crypto can be a solution to this problem.
  • Markets moving together: The group talks about how the crypto market moves in tandem with the general stock market and how it will trend up in the future.
  • Stability of currencies: The stability of currencies is debatable, with some being relatively reliable for trade, while others are very unstable.
  • Digital currencies: There is a lot of talk about central bank digital currencies and their potential impact on privacy and control.
  • Ripple and cross-border payments: Ripple's technology is important in the changing economic infrastructure on a global scale, particularly in cross-border payment movement.
  • Crypto tax reporting rules: The US Treasury Department has proposed new crypto tax reporting rules to crack down on crypto users who may be failing to pay their taxes.
  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: A provision aimed to increase tax reporting requirements, estimated to bring in close to $28 billion over a decade.
  • Building a Community: The importance of building a community through live shows and engaging with viewers, including plans for NFT projects and tribes.
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Biden administration unveils new crypto tax reporting rules
Cryptocurrency brokers, including exchanges and payment processors, would have to report new information on users’ sales and exchanges of digital assets to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under a proposed U.S. Treasury Department rule published on Friday.
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