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  • Peersyst Technology: A Barcelona-based software company that builds blockchain tech for people, businesses, and organizations. They claim to be coding the future of blockchain.
  • XRP and USD on the new network: Pierce Technology has developed a new RippleX Dev EVM side chain that allows users to transfer assets across the XRP L chains. Users can request USD on the XRP network and transfer it as an ERC20 token on the EVM side chain.
  • XRP EVM Side Chain: Integrating XRP with the EVM side chain will expand its potential and create more functionality around it, allowing for cross-chain transactions and bridging back and forth between different platforms.
  • Interoperability: Interoperability between different platforms and technologies is the future of the industry, and side chains like the XRP EVM side chain will help achieve this by delivering functionality without messing with the original core functionality.
  • Ripple lawsuit ruling: Attorney John Deaton speculates that the summary judgment may come on September 6th, based on Judge Torres' previous cases.
  • FTX funding: FTX reportedly received $400 million in funding after allegations of a sham agreement to explain close ties with Alameda.
  • FTX's co-mingling of funds: Executives didn't distinguish between customer and company money, misusing $8.7B in user funds.
  • Maxine Waters' request for input on Republican crypto bill: Waters wants regulators to weigh in on the potential impact and reach of the latest draft, which she believes threatens financial market stability.
  • House Democrats' concern about the Republican agenda and approach.
  • Republican draft seeking more authority for CFTC to oversee crypto commodity spot markets.
  • Ripple's summary judgment motion is taking longer than expected.
  • Badass Yetis Coffee and its utility for owners.
  • House Democrats express concern about the Republican agenda and approach.
  • Blue team is concerned about the Republicans' approach to crypto regulation.
  • The Republican draft seeks more authority for CFTC to oversee crypto commodity spot markets outside its current oversight, which includes bitcoin and ether derivatives.
  • Ripple's summary judgment motion is taking longer than expected, with filings ten times that of the Library case.
  • Badass Yetis Coffee offers discounts for owners, with a subscription option available, roasted-to-order beans, and rich flavor.

Deaton Predicts New End Date for SEC vs. Ripple Lawsuit, Explains Why Case Is Taking Too Long
Attorney John Deaton has made fresh speculation regarding when Judge Analisa Torres will issue her summary judgment decision for the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit
FTX managed to get $400 million in funding after Sam Bankman-Fried and an attorney invented a ‘sham’ agreement to explain close ties with Alameda, new CEO says
Sam Bankman-Fried and an FTX attorney invented a fake agreement to explain why the trading firm Alameda had access to customers’ cash, the CEO said.
‘Misused with Wild Abandon’: How FTX Reportedly Exploited Some $8.7 Billion in User Funds
The story of the failed crypto exchange just keeps getting worse. A new report provides further allegations against the firm’s leaders.
Rep. Waters wants Treasury, SEC input on Republican crypto bill
US Rep. Maxine Waters isn’t a fan of the Republicans’ crypto bill, and she wants regulators to back her up.

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