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  • Tokenization: Bernstein predicts a $5 trillion opportunity for the tokenization of real-world assets via stable coins and CBDCs over the next five years, bringing operational efficiencies and improving liquidity.
  • Ripple Buyback Rumors: Jungle XRP comments on rumors of Ripple buying back 10 billion XRP tokens, questioning the plausibility and practicality of such a move given the massive cash hold required. Nick Burgelis, a former Ripple employee, is now CTO at Marco Financial.
  • Tokenization of real estate: Real estate will be tokenized, allowing for fractional ownership and simplified documentation on the blockchain. This could be the first big emerging market.
  • Metaverse as a replica of the real world: A metaverse that is a replica of the real world would allow for transacting and owning real estate in the metaverse, with ownership stakes in the real world. This could make it fully impactful and useful beyond just gaming.
  • Tokenization of race teams: Tokenizing race teams would allow for fractional ownership and earning off a common enterprise, which is racing. This could be phenomenal if regulations permit it.
  • India as a model for DFI and tokenization: India's unbanked population and lack of trust in banking systems make it a unique model for DFI and tokenization of real estate. It could grow at a rapid pace if adopted faster than other countries.
  • Progression in tokenization space: The tokenization space is progressing rapidly, with everything eventually being tokenized, including securities and real estate. All securities will be tokenized eventually.
  • Importance of research before reacting to the news: Knee-jerk reactions to the news without proper research can lead to misinformation and misunderstandings in the crypto space. It's important to do research before reacting to news headlines or tweets.
  • Trigger warnings in society: The need for trigger warnings is due to the prevalence of weak-willed people.
  • Efforts to fire Gary Gensler: The movement to fire Gary Gensler from the Securities and Exchange Commission is gaining momentum, led by U.S. Congressman Warren Davidson and his proposed SCC Stabilization Act.
  • Solutions in search of problems: The distinction between solving a problem and looking for a problem to solve, with many projects out there not solving anything.
  • Physical vs. digital money: Only 3-5% of the money in the economy is physical, with the rest being digital, leading to an interest in decentralized crypto and bitcoin.
  • Opposites attract Discussion on how opposites attract in relationships, using personal examples.
  • Robert Kennedy Jr.'s physique: Discussion on Robert Kennedy Jr.'s impressive physique at 69 years old and his wife's support despite disagreements on specific issues.
  • Corruption at government agencies: Discuss corruption at all government agencies, including recent events such as the Durham Report.
  • Bad Assets Coffee Launch: Introducing the real-world product Badass Yetis Coffee, a small-batch roasted coffee with custom roasting and packaging. Available in four varieties and sold online.
  • NFT Holder Discount: NFT holders receive a 10% discount on Bad Assets Coffee, while those who own six or more Yetis get a 20% discount in perpetuity.
  • Shipping Limitations: Currently, Bad Assets Coffee only ships within the US, but they are working on expanding their shipping options.
  • Future Announcements: The team is working on announcements for the White Tribe and other future products.
  • Coffee beans and brewing methods: Different coffee beans and brewing methods were discussed, including drip, espresso, French press, and cold brew. The importance of using the right grind for each method was emphasized.
  • IMF's Xc platform: The International Monetary Fund's Xc platform for tokenized cross-border payments was discussed, focusing on its potential impact on the industry. The involvement of RippleNet and XRP was also mentioned.

Jungle -

Nic calls bs

I have no special insights into Ripple’s plans, but common sense tells me that this is about as plausible as the moon being made of cheese.

BREAKING: it ain’t!

$5T Growth Opportunity - Led by Tokenization

'Research before Retweeting - Very Smart

FIRE Gensler Gaining Momentum

Matt Hamilton

This is the thing that frustrates me somewhat. It is 2023, and I’m watching a demo at a hackathon of a team that have “solved” the problem of making cryptocurrency payments with low txn fees.

Neil Hartner

I dunno. His code contributions to the XRPL repo are pretty few and underwhelming. He was even too lazy to type out commit messages.

Are Banks Smoke and Mirrors? Does your money really exist? Can you get it all?

IMF trying to maintain relevance

IMF promotes XC platform for tokenized cross border payments - Ledger Insights - blockchain for enterprise
The IMF has elaborated on its XC platform that would tokenize central bank money to enable cross border payments

In an aggressive move, @Binance has gone on offense against the SEC in the federal court case.

Lawyers for the @Binance defendants have filed a motion accusing the SEC of engaging in unethical conduct.

This is a big deal.

Let me explain...

‘A New Wave’—Major Bank Reveals A $15 Trillion Earthquake Could Be Headed For The Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Tron, Solana And Polygon Price

‘A New Wave’—Major Bank Reveals A $15 Trillion Earthquake Could Be Headed For The Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Tron, Solana And Polygon Price
A survey by Laser Digital, the digital assets subsidiary of major banking giant Nomura, has revealed 96% of professional investors managing almost $5 trillion are keen to invest in crypto…

You got $1400 - but they printed up $8T - interesting Tweet -


Don’t use leverage with Crypto.

The fact that the SEC granted a leveraged #BTC ETF while simultaneously denying a spot ETF tells you all you need to know, considering we all know the SEC does NOT protect investors.

@GaryGensler has effectively refused to provide 📝 documents emails and correspondence between SBFraud/FTX and the @SECGov. In the meantime @RepMaxineWaters, being the partisan hack she is, pretty much tells witnesses, appearing before the FSC, to ignore Republican questioning.