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DC Fintech Week - Let's See who was in attendance

James Rule XRP

3:00 Garlinghouse Judge asked for Hinmana notes 6 times
3:50 Garlinghouse what are they trying to hide
5:00 SEC only has the power that Congress grants it- they don't get to just go and take power
5:40 Do you know when you will get some resolution in the case - GARLINGHOUSE RESPONDS

Agenda-2022 - DC Fintech Week
OCTOBER 11-12, 2022 OCTOBER 11-12, 2022 REGISTER NOW! 2022 DC FINTECH WEEK AGENDA Each session is packed with headlining participants. Here are a few. Jeremy D Allaire Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Circle Michael Barr Vice Chair for Supervision of the Board of Governors, Federal Re…


Ripple Win Over SEC Date Prediction

Ripple boss tips when SEC case will end as Hoskinson hits back at XRP army
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinhouse has aired his thoughts on when the ongoing battle with the SEC will finally be over.

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