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  • Ripple's opposition to SEC's anticipated motion for an interlocutory appeal: Ripple opposes SEC's request for an interlocutory appeal, stating that no extraordinary circumstances justify departing from the rule requiring all issues to all parties to be resolved on appeal.
  • XRP not a security: Reminder that XRP is not a security and even if the appeal is granted, it does not change the fact that XRP is not a security.
  • Sales of digital assets alone are not inherently securities offerings: Judge Rakoff agreed with Tors that sales of digital assets alone are not inherently securities offerings. Ripple made no promises or offers to purchasers in programmatic sales.
  • Ripple believes it makes more sense to ask for a regular appeal at the end of court proceedings: Ripple believes it makes more sense to ask for a regular appeal at the end of court proceedings that would permit a single round of appellate review on a complete record instead of piecemeal.
  • SEC's overreach could create an opening for the Conservative Supreme Court majority: Dean's trip to law appealing toward decision could create an opening for the Conservative Supreme Court majority, which is already talking about overreach by the SEC on a wider range of issues.
  • SEC Overreach: The meeting discussed an article that criticized the SEC's overreach in regulating crypto and highlighted the potential consequences of such actions.
  • Codius: The meeting delved into the potential of Codius, an open hosting protocol that allows developers to write smart contracts in any programming language and is blockchain agnostic, offering flexibility and distribution in development with InterLedger.
  • Hooks and Flare Networks Comparison: Comparing Hooks and Flare networks for their interoperability between chains and cross-compatibility with Ethereum virtual machine.
  • Codius Project: Discussing the potential revival of the Codius project as a jack-of-all-trades platform for smart contracts.
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): Debating the benefits and drawbacks of CBDCs, focusing on their centralized nature and potential use by central banks.
  • El Salvador's Bitcoin Adoption: Highlighting El Salvador's successful adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, showcasing its potential for decentralization.
  • Federal Reserve Audit: Arguing for the need to audit and potentially shut down the Federal Reserve due to its debt-based system that primarily benefits institutional investors.
  • Central Banks and CBDCs: Chip is against central banks and believes they should be shut down. He suggests a sovereign currency on the blockchain without a third party running it.
  • Coinbase Futures Commission: Coinbase has been approved as a registered futures commission merchant by the National Futures Association, allowing them to offer futures contracts in Bitcoin and Ethereum to eligible customers in the US.
  • Monetizing Crypto: Chip warns against getting hung up on FUD and sensational headlines, encouraging critical thinking about crypto news.
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