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Ripple  / CBDCs
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Digital Euro Association partners with Ripple
Digital Euro Association partners with Ripple

Ripple - NFTs, CBDCs
From #NFTs and #CBDCs, to crypto liquidity, payments and compliance, our newest report provides a fresh perspective on the global use, benefits and perception of #crypto solutions.

Feb 17th, D-Day for Ripple and XRP

Ripple Lawsuit: Why 17th Feb. Is Crucial In Ripple Vs SEC Case?
Mystery behind the sealed memos? SEC vs Ripple lawsuit is picking up heat and next few moves may decide the fate of the XRP token. One such move was Judge

Ledger City - XRP Company

Ledger City

Gensler pushing for Crypto Regulations. He says to protect the retail investor.

Sotheby's sells Billion year old diamond for $4.3M in Cryptocurrency

Do you guys see the theme that is growing here - Banks - Big Tech - Blocking Funds Being raised for a group practicing their greatest form of democracy and fighting for freedom. They are blocking major entry points from US to Canada and impacting the flow of import / exports that is having a massive impact on the economy of Canada. This is a major pain point. This didn't have to happen.

Is this a case for Crypto?

Ripple’s APAC Policy Director: ‘ODL Can Be Used as a Neutral Bridge Between CBDCs’