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Open Banking on the Rise in North America | Ripple

Open Banking on the Rise in North America | Ripple
Open banking and crypto are gaining traction in North America. Learn more from Ripple about what’s next for banks and fintechs in the US and Canada.

Watched @LizClaman's interview w @GaryGensler. Interesting how divorced from reality he is. Hes worried about "unregistered" #XRP, PFOF, block trading, ESG disclosures when Feds money pumping created dozens of new assets classes that will blow up on investors if/when Fed tightens

Thanks to Coining203 for the video

Since twitter won’t let me upload the whole video here’s the entire the 9 minutes of gary Gensler on fox today

Interesting analogy’s

Below I attempted to make an analogy between major #Layer1 #blockchains and #cities & #Countries as a conceptual exercise.  #cryptocurrency


At last minute, the SEC wants to pause our court case for another 8 weeks to collect more "evidence".

The case has already been open for 196 weeks.

We've complied every step of the way, providing over 1,000,000 pages of documents.

These people are evil.

Ripple files letter motion to compel SEC to release notes from a 2018 meeting between Garlinghouse and then Commissioner Roisman.

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