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We have covered the following topics:

  • Memorial Day: Honoring fallen soldiers and their sacrifices for our freedoms.
  • Ripple vs. Ethereum: Joe Lubin's criticism of Ripple's overvaluation and Brad Garlinghouse's mature response.
  • World War II veterans: Remembering their bravery and sacrifices for our freedoms.
  • Mental illness: Encouraging those who suffer to seek help but not letting a minority dictate to the majority.
  • Bitcoin ownership: The Alchemist predicts that the greatest generation will own one bitcoin.
  • Financial Warfare: Money as a tool to strip freedoms through digital currencies like Central Bank digital currencies.
  • Tribalism in Crypto: Polarization and character flaws of Maxes in the Space, hindering innovation and Progress.
  • Ripple's Growth in Asia: Ripple looks to Asia for growth and blockchain finance due to the region's fast-growing nature with blockchain technology.
  • Ripple's global business: Ripple's blockchain-based global payments network has mostly shifted outside the US due to regulatory clarity and opportunities in Asia, with up to 80% of its $15 billion global flows sent and received from elsewhere.
  • Ripple's acquisitions: Ripple has a billion dollars for acquisitions, with recent purchases including Metaco and Tranglo, a Malaysian-based fintech whose shareholders include Seamless Group and TNG.
  • Challenges from commercial banks: Commercial banks' blockchain-based networks like JPMorgan's Onyx or the recently announced Canton Network pose a commercial threat to Ripple, but they lack the reach of public permissionless blockchains like Ethereum or Ripple.
  • SEC's illogical behavior: SEC is not interested in helping crypto companies come into compliance but rather in control. Their actions harm investors and erode market cap.
  • Need for limited government: The US government has lost its way and needs to get back to a limited government that works on behalf of the people.
  • SEC's flawed logic: The SEC's basis for alleging that XRP is a security is flawed, as it would mean all digital assets are securities.
  • Need for clarity: There needs to be one path of clarity for all digital assets, or else there is no path of clarity at all.
  • Regulatory bodies failing: Regulatory bodies have failed to protect investors and must be eliminated or reformed.
  • Banks panicking: Banks are panicking about the growth of cryptocurrency and trying to stop it, but they will ultimately fail.
  • Tim Draper vs. Gary Gensler: Tim Draper owns Gary Gensler in a clip where he destroys his argument against Bitcoin.
  • Ripple vs. SEC: Congressman Donalds to hold Gary Gensler accountable.
  • Financial system reset: Signs pointing to a huge collapse and coming reset.
  • Government control: Constitution is the only thing holding the world together.
  • Majority power: Three years have proven that we are the majority and are no longer silent.
  • Isomin (formerly Som): Evolving into a different sort of company for a new era.
  • Xaman: Unification of XRPL labs under a stronger entity called Zaman, encapsulating the goal of blending retail crypto.
  •, a website that has been around for 10-15 years, is still active and allows users to do anything infinitely possible.

Written by John Deaton

From Ripple and XRP to Filecoin: The SEC is Simply Illogical

An interview article with @Ripple @BrooksEntwistle
The rise of CBDCs could provide a challenge to Ripple. A Hong Kong-Thailand (M-Bridge) or Singapore-UAE corridor using CBDCs would render RippleNet irrelevant. “Single-corridor CBDCs would be a real challenge for us,” Entwistle…

Ripple's Asia Bid for global growth

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