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We have covered the following topics:

  • Library's Filing: LBRY filed a motion to limit SEC remedies, asking the court to say that secondary sales are not securities. John Deaton represented a holder.
  • SEC Overreach: The SEC is in an overreach position and lacks the authority to regulate digital assets or impose relief. They refuse to provide clarity on the use of library tokens.
  • Importance of Library Case: The library case has ramifications for decentralizing LBC tokens and normalizing crypto.
  • Warren Davidson's Bill: Warren Davidson presented a bill to strip authority from Gary Gensler and remove the overreach of unelected officials.
  • Odyssey Platform: On The Chain, videos are backed up on Odyssey, a Youtube partner platform with limited engagement but the potential for migration.
  • Odyssey as a Youtube alternative: Odyssey is a promising platform that can replace Youtube if it goes down but lacks recognition and live streaming features.
  • Ripple case and Congressman Byron Donalds: The Ripple case is expected to have a decision soon, and Congressman Byron Donalds will be a guest on the show on June 21st.
  • Lack of clarity in crypto regulations: The lack of clarity in crypto regulations is causing entrepreneurs to go overseas, and the SEC is putting politics ahead of smart policy.
  • Brad Garlinghouse's interview: Brad Garlinghouse's interview highlights the lack of transparency in the Ripple case and the detrimental effects of politics on innovation in the US market.
  • Bill Hinman's emails to be made public: Monica Long and Brad Garlinghouse have seen the unredacted emails, which could reveal more insight into the SEC's decision on whether XRP is a security.
  • Lack of settlement due to the distance between SEC and Ripple: Gary Gensler's hard-headedness may prevent a settlement, and his removal may be necessary for one to occur.
  • Transparency wins with Hymen emails ruling: The crypto industry seeks clarity from the US government, and the ruling is a win for transparency.
  • Unelected bureaucrats in government: Career government employees act like they are in charge, impeding progress and innovation. This issue is prevalent at all layers of government.
  • Need to clean house in the US government: A house cleaning is necessary to set things back on track and protect the individual investment. The revitalization of the Constitution is underway, and all parties will be impacted.
  • Gary Gensler's credibility: Gensler has lost credibility due to his tweet about a debunked fable and his unclear statements during office hours.
  • The Great Chicago Fire: Mrs. O'Leary was officially exonerated by the Chicago Committee on Police in the fire, and there are different theories about what caused it.
  • Rebranding of XRP Wallet: XRP wallet has been rebranded to Zaman, a made-up word, and mixed opinions about the name change exist.

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