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Crypto Dead Man’s Switch Sarcophagus Raises $5.47M From VCs via DAO - Decrypt
Sarcophagus launched its SARCO token one year ago, and its DAO in summer 2021—and just used both to bring in VC money.
After 13 Years, They Still Hate Bitcoin - Decrypt
The backlash to a Matt Damon ad is just the latest reminder: lots and lots of people really hate crypto. So, what might change their minds?

Look who sits on the Ethereum Alliance

In the face of this inflationary inferno, consumers and institutions holding devaluing fiat currency have sought out alternatives to hedge against. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are the current weapons of choice, driving the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to embrace crypto as an investable asset class.

The rich get richer: Rethinking Bitcoin’s power as an inflation hedge – TechCrunch
As the 1% seeks a greater slice of the crypto pie, there is an argument to be made that this might leave the market at the mercy of the 1%, contradicting Bitcoin’s intended vision.
Pakistan to investigate Binance for multi-million dollar crypto scam
A relevant questionnaire has been sent to Binance Headquarters Cayman Islands and Binance U.S. to explain their involvement with the crypto scam.
Google’s Ripple Is An Open Source Radar API That Will Enable New Privacy-Respecting Smart Devices
From smartwatches to automobiles, this standard radar API could quell some privacy concerns.