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Score 1 for El Salvador and 0 for idiot Econ Professor....

Epic takedown Twitter thread by the President of El Salvador

Ok, ID-10t, I’m going to school you again, not because it’s going to be of use for you, since you’re just getting paid to attack #Bitcoin and defend fiat, but because the people deserve to know you are a fraud.

(JEFF) We have seen over and over that Ripple actions have had virtually 0 impact on XRP price movement. XRP moves with the market. The market ebs and flows according to Bitcoin - still. Many assets move in concert, while others move contrary to.

Deaton tweet -

“The impact of this partnership on XRP prices might not be significant, as investors still wait for the SEC lawsuit hearing.”

I’m looking forward to finding out which expert the SEC is going to call to establish #XRP’s price is correlated with Ripple’s efforts.

On January 1, 2021, I sued the SEC. It was 9 days after the SEC sued @Ripple declaring #XRP - including #XRP traded in the secondary market - investment contracts w/ Ripple. I argued from the beginning the conflicts and appearances of impropriety.

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