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Jimmy Valle

No credibility - no reputation.  Who cares what he says.  

Was it worth it?


So the US and the EU - both now with radicalized left leaning governments want to ban Russia from using SWIFT. So full blown on display political manipulation by government of the banking system to further bolster their power vs Russia.

Russia response, speed up CBDC.

This is getting out of hand. The digitization of FIAT - centralized controlled and manipulated currencies, to circumvent centralized controlled cross border payment SWIFT

Russia Accelerates CBDC Efforts as US, EU Ponder SWIFT Ban of Russian Banks - Blockworks
While the Biden Administration explores options for Russia sanctions, should it invade Ukraine, Moscow looks to ensure ruble liquidity

Is anyone surprised that compromised and inept SEC would delay more Bitcoin ETFs?

SEC Delays Decisions on Two More Bitcoin ETFs - Decrypt
The SEC will take another 45 days to review Bitcoin ETF proposals from Bitwise and Grayscale. It has yet to approve a Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin is out so says the academic

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