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Centralization does not create trust.

It’s just the opposite.

It’s why central banks so vehemently despise decentralization.

It removes central control, which almost always devolves into corruption.

This guy is talking about the future monetary system being for the public interest. Meaning that the current system isn't in the public interest. So a Centralized controlled, social scored financial construct is much more in the public interest? I get it.

How's your Luna doing, Ran?

XRP really lives rent-free in your head, doesn't it?

Whose this guy? Who gave him a show on MSNBC and on Crypto? He doesn't even understand XRPL, XRP, or the technology for moving money on a global scale. Yet somehow he has become a representative of the media as a Crypto  Expert?

“Ripple the company, one of the best companies I know.”

“XRP the token. I still can’t work out what it’s used for.”

And  Ran expects for people to take him seriously?

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