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Garlinghouse on Crypto downturn

Stu Alderoty

Ripple's general counsel: Hinman's 2018 speech 'muddied the crypto waters'


#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP The Court Orders the SEC to provide to the Court, by June 16th, 10 additional documents for in camera review to assist the Court with its decision regarding the SEC's claims of attorney-client privilege in connection with the Hinman speech.

How the Celsius Liquidity Crunch Is Linked to Lido's Staked Ethereum - Decrypt

How the Celsius Liquidity Crunch Is Linked to Lido’s Staked Ethereum - Decrypt
Celsius faces a liquidity crunch that inextricably links it to whether Lido’s Stake Ethereum (stETH) can regain parity with ETH.

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