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Flare is decentralized

Decentralization achieved; Beta Mode engaged🪐

ℹ️ 20 validators on mainnet, 4 run by the Flare Foundation, 16 run by validator partners
@FlareNetworks (Foundation) = 4
@BlockdaemonHQ = 4
@Figment_io = 4
@staked_us = 4
@intotheblock = 4



XRPL was the first

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) has always been efficient in the creation and exchange of tokens since its inception in 2012. “The XRP Ledger was the first to enable the tokenization of any form of value on a blockchain. It also introduced to the world the concept of a decentralized exchange,” Monica explains.

The Ripple Drop: XLS-20 and Sustainability Through NFTs | Ripple
Deep dive with Monica Long, Ripple General Manager, on NFTs and how they can play a role in sustainability efforts.


If you don't go to your friends' funerals, they won't come to yours.

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