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IOTA, Ripple and Stellar to conquer trillion-$-market with SWIFT under ISO 20022 reglation - Report

IOTA, Ripple and Stellar to conquer trillion-$-market with SWIFT under ISO 20022 reglation - Report
Ripple, IOTA and Stellar offer solutions that could serve an untapped industry. Should all networks come together to meet the needs

Americans standard of living going down

‘Catastrophic’ Collapse in American Standard of Living Incoming As Global De-Dollarization Takes Hold: Economist Peter St Onge - The Daily Hodl
Economist Peter St Onge just issued a major warning on the fate of the US dollar and the quality of life in America.


I’m just calling it how I see it and I have no doubt that the overwhelming advice (like 99% if not 💯) Coinbase received by regulatory compliance lawyers  (and litigators) was to suspend and not interfere w/the IPO. Who knows, the SEC may have “strongly suggested” suspending. 🤷‍♂️

We must make sure to not let @GaryGensler and his cronies push a  false narrative.

Why is @bgarlinghouse @s_alderoty
@jespow @brian_armstrong @iampaulgrewal complaining so much?

Apparently, it’s easy to register a line of digital code existing inside software. @GaryGensler says there’s a form on the SEC website.

His most 🤮 ⛽️ 💡= 👇

SEC’s Gary Gensler on Kraken staking settlement: Other crypto platforms should take note of this
Gary Gensler, SEC chair, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss the recent crackdown from the SEC on Kraken, how the company’s operations differ from other yield-based products and more.

And I agree with you & @JohnEDeaton1 but for the reason I explained yesterday Coinbase will never and cannot treat Ethereum the same way as XRP. Coinbase’s business model is dependent on Ethereum & Bitcoin trading on its exchange. /1

*#Coinbase "Justifies" #XRP delisting, citing statements for the #SEC senior staff
*The #crypto exchange wants to use the statements as evidence for a fair notice defense.
*Coinbase will defend its position to protect #BTC & #ETH trading on its platform👆🏻

Coinbase Backs XRP Delisting With Statements by SEC Officials
Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange relies on the views of some senior staff of the SEC to justify its delisting of XRP on its platform. Read more on Coin Edition.

Charlie Gaspirino

My latest ⁦@nypost⁩ column


NYT's Tom Friedman advises Biden to make Kamala our Artificial Intelligence czar:

Tom Friedman thinks of the ideal job for Kamala Harris
As you’ll recall, Joe Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of The Border. Now that that’s all cleaned up, what should she do next? From the New York Times opinion page: Why Kamala Harris Matters So Much in 2024 April 25, 2023 By Thomas L. Friedman Opinion Columnist ... At the same time, Harris has to m…

That might explain the Fermi Paradox: sooner or later, all intelligent life in the galaxy puts their equivalent of Kamala in charge of something complicated and important.


Hacker reportedly steals 986 BTC from Russia’s intelligence services

Circle CEO, Jeremy Allaire, warns that the US risks losing its dominance in the global economy due to a very active de-dollarization taking place around the world.