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Brooks Entwistle - download video

Businesses are discovering how #blockchain and #crypto technology can solve massive pain points.

Ripple SVP Global Customer Success Brooks Entwistle dives into the ways businesses are leveraging crypto.


US Reserve Currency Status. What is the solution?

Consider that the BRICS nations cannot agree internally on whose unstable currency to use for settlement (Yuan, Rubble, Rupi, Real)

Or a centralized digital currency CBDC.

What about a Decentralized digital asset as a solution

Exclusive: India, Russia suspend negotiations to settle trade in rupees
India and Russia have suspended efforts to settle bilateral trade in rupees, after months of negotiations failed to convince Moscow to keep rupees in its coffers, two Indian government officials and a source with direct knowledge of the matter said.


Curious to find out more? Check out the Guardarian blog post about this collaboration:

Guardarian x Xumm: New Partnership Announcement
We are happy to announce our new partnership with Xumm Wallet - a leading non-custodial XRP wallet. Keep reading to know why we think it’s important!

Introducing Your New Browser-based DEX
We are Bringing Secure and Frictionless Trading to Browsers.

Jerome Powell talking nonsense - Download video (Spoof)

Garlinghouse- Bad optics going to an XRP themed event before the judge renders a verdict.

Great to meet so many folks from the XRP community at #XRPLasVegas2023 – the camaraderie is remarkable (and an amazing feeling in person vs Twitter!) This community has stood by and supported Team Ripple as we have fought the good fight…I can’t adequately express my gratitude

Asheesh Birla

1/ Coinbase is transitioning from crypto exchange to  crypto-enabled banking services...

Ripple head of product

Awesome summary of the difference between an *asset* -- which can be used for funds movements -- and a *product* -- which does far more than just move funds. People forget that the asset used is really only one (albeit important) part of the equation.

They spelled XRP wrong. 😂

Calling the @Ripple community today! ☎️

Should we integrate $XRP as a payment method for the ongoing public sale of our #LMWR Token?

300 Retweets and $XRP will be live on our platform tomorrow!

Janet “the moron” Yellen - download video

“This would be really the first time in the history of America that we would fail to make payments that are due.”

Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen warns @GStephanopoulos that "financial and economic chaos would ensue” if U.S. fails to raise the debt limit.

Patrick McHenry lays it down - download video

#NEW: Chairman @PatrickMcHenry discusses the state of the American banking system and Congress' response to recent bank failures on @FaceTheNation.

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