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Crypto Eri, Chip and Jeff share your disappointment

XRP is 2.5 Years ahead of every other Crypto

How much damage did antagonist Gary Gensler actually do to XRP, XRPL, and retail investors?

Gary song NFT
You knew this was coming, right?

Bid on the NFT:

How Hong Kong plans to test its digital dollar in $229 billion mortgage market, using @Ripple #CBDC technology and the #XRPL

More details on our project with HKMA:
"Two of the pilot participants, Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) and blockchain solutions provider Ripple, will examine…

Ripple and its attorneys have done more to protect the crypto market and American crypto investors in the last 2.5 years than all the politicians in Congress put together.

Blockchain technology gives everyone, for the first time in history, the opportunity to be their own bank and have full control of their money, assets, and data.  

Nobody can stop this revolution, nobody can stop you from taking control of what's yours.

It's sad that a big part of the #XRPCommunity still believes that XRP was created for banks or to help institutions. It was literally created to destroy the banks' monopoly and disintermediate them.

XRP was created as a better BTC for P2P transactions. For people, not banks. 1/7

JPMorgan launches blockchain platform pilot to settle dollar transactions in India

Sunday afternoon  🧶 thread on the XRP ledger protocol scalability

The idea of diving into the stock market with the belief that there's only one stock available is hilariously absurd on multiple fronts.

In the video here, the @SECGov chairman @GaryGensler was promoting $ALGO in one of his global economics and management class at @MIT on April, 2019.
If you bought Algorand during the time he promoted it, then you'd currently be down 90%.

According to SEC filings in the link…