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We have covered the following topics:

  • XRP Delisting and Gary Gensler's Actions: Ripple's XRP delisting, Coin based stock plummeting, and Gary Gensler's actions are causing negative sentiment in the market.
  • Metaco and GFT Partnership: Metaco has partnered with GFT to provide companies with cost-effective and seamless digital asset custody and tokenization solutions.
  • Ripple's Green Bond Market: Ripple focuses on sustainable finance, green tokenization, carbon credits, etc., and blockchain offers a powerful new approach to the rapidly growing green bond market.
  • Uphold Debit Card Removal: Uphold removed its debit card for US residents to use XRP for purchases, making it harder to spend crypto in the US market.
  • Coinbase's delisting of XRP: Brian Armstrong paused XRP listings on Coinbase, causing grief for many people. Ripple is in active litigation for being a security, but other tokens were just named.
  • The SEC's strategy of shock and awe: The SEC bet on a strategy of shock and awe, but Stuart Alderaddi remains all in on the rule of law. The rule of law will hold firm, and we will be vindicated.
  • Active addresses in crypto: Active addresses in crypto have increased since 2016, with a significant spike during the 2017 bull run. However, the metric of active addresses may not always be a true reflection of actual usage.
  • Threat of decentralization: Decentralization threatens governments and businesses worldwide by eroding centralized power structures. Digital assets threaten traditional banking systems, which may lead to people seeking alternative safe havens for their wealth.
  • Disagreement between CFTC and SEC: There is a disagreement between CFTC and SEC over whether certain assets are commodities or securities. Clear legislation, such as the Token Taxonomy Act, is needed to address this issue and decide on these assets.
  • XRP Relisting: Thirteen high-value coins get listed, freeing up money to go to XRP. US exchanges relist XRP, US exchanges delist. Huge build-up of two years.
  • Yeti Giveaway: Two Yetis will be given away on the live stream. Participants must drop their Twitter address or last five digits of their XRP wallet address to verify eligibility.
  • Chip responds to Charles Hoskinson Tweet: The XRP community stands together as a cohesive cryptocurrency community despite having preferred digital assets. It's a journey filled with challenges but ultimately destined to prosper.
  • Division in the Crypto Industry: The SEC is attacking the industry at every level and trying to divide it. Overcoming maximalism ideologies is critical for the continuation of this space.
  • Garlinghouse Tweet: Brad Garlinghouse's tweet is symbolic of supporting and representing the entire crypto industry against fraudulent attempts by the SEC to undermine it.
  • Tim Draper tweeted about regulation by enforcement being a bad idea.
  • Conspiracy Theories: Charles Hoskinson called out the XRP community for being conspiracy theorists regarding the SEC going after Ripple and XRP.
  • Mistakes Happen: People make mistakes, but when they realize them and try to turn around and make something happen out of it, we should stand behind them as a cohesive army in support and guidance against fraudulent attempts by the SEC to undermine this industry.
  • Cryptocurrency industry unity: Focus on building a strong crypto community, not just XRP. Projects will succeed or fail on their own merits.
  • Yeti drawing giveaway: Two winners announced, lower level and Jose C Eleven—Twitter addresses requested for prize delivery.
  • Badass Yetis NFT project: A brand-building project with four tribes, each comprising seven diverse clans and around 3,300 NFTs. The Blue Tribe and White Tribe are already rolled out.
  • Real-world product: A real-world product that will be purchasable with fiat currency and live in the real world aside from just the NFTs is in the works.

#Ripple property Metaco has partnered w/ GFT to provide "a cost-effective and seamless path towards highly customizable, enterprise-secure, & efficient digital asset custody & tokenization solutions."  One interesting point here..

If it wasn’t already clear, it should be now – Chair Gensler’s laughable “pro-innovation” stance (as he said today), is exactly the opposite. What this also tells me is that the SEC is throwing lawsuits at the wall and hoping they distract from the agency’s FTX debacle

This week we saw the SEC bet on a strategy of shock and awe. My money remains all in on the rule of law.

Did Coinbase delist XRP because they are biased?

The Revolving 🚪 continues. Who is Heath Tarbert? Former Chairman of the @CFTC.

In January 2020 as Chairman he said:

“We’ve been very clear on bitcoin: bitcoin is a commodity. We haven’t said anything about ether – until now. It is my view as chairman of the CFTC that ether is…