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  • Ripple's support for non-viable projects: Ripple has backed bad projects that have died out, and it's a mistake not to acknowledge viable companies that use XRP.
  • Lack of transparency in XRP community: The XRP community needs more transparency in terms of who gets to vote on grants and how they decide on them.
  • Ripple Net and the premise of moving money: The discussion revolves around how to build trust lines between individuals and businesses from a centralized perspective, with third-party entities managing money and making a lot of money helping other people manage their money. The importance of having a protective mechanism behind the scenes is also highlighted.
  • Central Bank digital currencies: The discussion focuses on the development of digital assets by central banks, which could be centralized or fully in the cryptospace. Ripple Net has been building for the past ten years specifically to help facilitate the movement of money to be a strong competitor to Swift.
  • NFT project and website: The discussion revolves around rolling out a website that will connect everything back together, including the roadmap of what has been accomplished and the direction the project is taking. The importance of picking out the right coffee beans for their coffee product is also highlighted.

Does XRPL Foundation and Ripple have a funding issue?

Do they care about advancing projects who are building on the XRPL?

EX-Ripple Director Says Ripple is in Dilemma in Response to xSPECTAR Planned Exit from XRPL
A former Ripple Director spotlights funding challenges within the XRP ecosystem in light of xSPECTAR’s intention to exit XRPL due to lack of support.

XRPL Grants Awards 100th Project!

XRPL Grants Awards 100th Project!
Since the program’s founding in 2021, XRPL Grants has awarded more than $10 million in funding to…

Trip down memory lane with Ripple origins

The concept of Ryan Fugger, who developed the concept of "decentralized social credit", is integrated into the foundation of the XRP ledger, and the concept paper he wrote in 2006 is interesting.

Applying the idea of ​​a distributed information network by the Internet to a remittance network (= Debt information network), we are advocating a remittance utilizing a distributed social credit network based on the trust network in human society.

At the time, it was difficult to put it into practical use, but it was later realized as XRPL by integrating it with distributed ledger technology.


There is also a video of this concept!

1/ In 2018, Ripple’s UBRI program launched with a $50M philanthropic commitment to leading universities around the world to support academic research, technical development, and innovation in blockchain and crypto.

After Coinbase gave notice of it intent to move to throw out their case, we consented to a few extra days for the SEC to explain why it intends to oppose. They’ve now filed and, sadly, it’s more of the same. 1/6

The SEC is arguing against Coinbase, similar to what it did with Ripple.

The SEC is trying to disregard or diminish the importance of state-level "Blue Sky" laws, which are intended to protect investors from fraud and existed before the SEC was created.

However, Hogan points out a problem with the SEC's approach: the famous "Howey Test" (from the Howey case), which the SEC uses to determine what counts as a security, explicitly acknowledges that state-level legal precedents are important.

Thus, the SEC's attempt to dismiss the relevance of "Blue Sky" laws may contradict its own criteria for identifying securities.

- -

The SEC's Coinbase opposition brief, just like in the Ripple case, tries to run away from the State "Blue Sky" laws which pre-dated the legislation establishing the SEC.

Problem is, the Howey case itself explicitly pulls from and states that the State case authority is relevant.

Digital Currencies will end SWIFT per Russia. Really? no shit!!!

Russian Central Bank deputy says digital currencies could spell end of SWIFT - Ledger Insights - blockchain for enterprise
The Bank of Russia confirmed that its CBDC will only roll out between 2025 and 2027. Argues that CBDC will challenge SWIFT

Clayton literally acts as if he was not in charge of the SEC 2.5 years ago. Even worse, he had Elad Roisman and @HesterPeirce as fellow Republican Commissioners and thus, had the votes to provide regulatory clarity and provide a pathway that would’ve allowed innovation to foster…

Is that how they paid for the lawsuit?
If you really think about it, they minted money out of thin air WTF

Three Years Before SEC Lawsuit, Ripple CTO Said Company Could Sell Its 54B Escrowed XRP to Fund Lawsuits
A clip recently surfaced featuring a speech from the Ripple CTO in which he said Ripple could sell off its escrowed XRP to defend itself against lawsuits

Coming soon: Uphold Vault 🔒

Uphold Vault is a state-of-the-art assisted custody solution, built to keep your assets secure & protect against private key loss.

With Vault, Uphold implements a multi-sig framework, in which Uphold holds one key & you hold the remaining two. Two…

Funny 😝✊🏼 #XRPArmy