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  • XRP's potential value in 2025: Speculation on XRP's future value, with some predicting it could exceed $1,000.
  • Decentralization and freedom: Discussion on the importance of decentralization and freedom in cryptocurrency and society as a whole.
  • AUDD using Ripple blockchain: Mention of a company using Ripple and Stellar blockchains, but referring to Ripple as the blockchain instead of XRPL.
  • Wallet closure and reserve: Explanation of how closing an XRP wallet results in a reserve of 20 XRP being put aside.
  • Introduction of the first mortgage-backed Stablecoin: The Stablecoin is backed by mortgages and is set to redefine the landscape of mortgage financing, offering homeowners better and more accessible options. It could revolutionize the mortgage industry by unlocking new products for homeowners and other market participants using the utility token home offered on the XRPL.
  • XRP Cafe: A super easy platform to use for NFTs. You can check out their stats, collections, create a collection, and even create a one-off NFT with your artwork.

$2 Billion Ripple Partner Nium to Go Public in US

An American Revolution — How US Crypto Policy Diverges From Rest of World

Class certification just means the Judge thinks there will be enough Plaintiffs that all the claims should be kinda lumped together. It's really a no-brainer here.

But it has no effect on the SEC case whatsoever. I am curious how the SEC case will affect the class action though.

This is mostly the result of XRPL account deletions. Each account deletion burns 2 XRP. In June 2023, Poloniex alone deleted 85,566 old XRPL accounts which burned 171,132 XRP. They have finished deleting accounts.

Is @iampaulgrewal engaging in hyperbole by claiming the SEC is violating the law?


1) up until 2018, the SEC had no policy whatsoever regarding SEC staff owning Crypto because these digital assets were a new asset class and the SEC was unsure about it;

I just read this open letter. As someone who files lawsuits, my question is, if Cameron can prove what he claims, why not
just file the damn suit? I learned a long time ago, in a moment of crisis, when integrity and honor mean everything, and someone shows you who he really is,…

Hey @BarrySilbert, I'd like to invite you to a Twitter Space to discuss our Best and Final Offer.

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Stu Alderody

Without consent of the legislature “swarms of officers [unelected bureaucrats] harass our people.” Just one of the injustices the General Congress of the 13 United States of America rejected in 1776 in its unanimous declaration.

Stu going full 1776 mode

Deaton on Gensler - Acting in Bad Faith

Thank you Bill Morgan - Why is it that companies still refer to XRPL as Ripple? Especially companies building on XRPL?

How is @UpholdInc different? We’re the pioneers of radical #transparency.

✅ The Uphold platform is always 100%+ reserved.

✅ We publish our assets and liabilities in real-time.

✅ We never loan out customer money, so it’s always available when you need it.

✅  Our highly…

Class certifications happen routinely. Here, the plaintiffs were asking for a worldwide class including U.K. XRPHolders but in the U.K. The FCA said XRP is not a security (same as Japan, Singapore, UAE, etc). It only applies to US investors but, again, this is case is pimple…

Ripple is all set to host its first Policy Summit in Thailand in collaboration with TRM Labs.

Stablecoin backed by Real estate on XRPL

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JUST IN: $9 trillion asset manager BlackRock CEO says crypto is digital gold and "#Bitcoin is an international asset."

He sounds like someone gave him a wedgie in the locker-room until he agreed to say something positive about Bitcoin.  

Maybe it was Satoshi.

XRP Café

We're thrilled to announce that has been selected to join the XRPL Accelerator program by RippleX!

We want to thank @RippleXDev and the #XRPL community for their support.

We look forward to continue contributing to the XRPL!