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And now for something painfully funny - Spice DAO buys a copy of DUNE thinking they hold copyright, which they don't, now they are out $3M for something valued at $25k

Crypto group shamed for spending $3m on ‘Dune’ book, mistakenly believing it had acquired copyright to produce NFTs
The group Spice DAO planned to sell NFTs based on the contents of the book, which details Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ambitious but failed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel

Deaton - spot on as usual -

What I’ve learned throughout the litigation and during the last year is that XRP haters are more concerned and focused on @Ripple than most #XRPHolders. There’s no doubt a lot of #XRPHolders are fans of Ripple, but XRP haters are way more focused on Ripple’s efforts than holders.

Whilst the fastest and cheapest way to move XRP (and other cryptocurrencies!) about is on the XRP Ledger, some people want to hold or use XRP in the Ethereum ecosystem. With wXRP and now the support from Binance you have the option to do that too. $xrp $wxrp

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