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Uphold Launches #Crypto-Linked Debit Card Offering up to 4% Rewards in $XRP live in more US states now

Uphold Launches Crypto-Linked Debit Card Offering up to 4% Rewards in XRP
Uphold, a digital money platform, today announced the launch of its new debit card for UK customers that pays industry-best rates of up to 4% rewards in XRP. Unlike other comparable cards, the Uphold Card will not charge non-sterling transaction fees making it ideal for travel and use overseas. A US…


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I could talk about the FTX collapse for hours on end. But there's no time! Here's the whole awful glorious mess crammed into 99 seconds. #FTX #FTXCRASH #MelonHead


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“We don't need a licensing regime because that's just meant to improve trust. We've removed the need for trust.” - @ErikVoorhees

Amazing clip from @laurashin podcast in response to calls for regulation following the FTX meltdown. Link 👇🏼

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