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Introducing the "Chip" cocktail, a robust and flavorful whiskey bourbon drink that caters to the American manly man. This luxurious libation offers a masterful blend of smooth and bold whiskey bourbon, making it the perfect choice for those seeking an intense yet refined taste. The "Chip" cocktail is sure to impress with its rich flavors and masculine appeal, making it an ideal choice for any whiskey enthusiast or bourbon aficionado.

In recent cryptocurrency news, Warren Buffett has increased his stake in Ripple partner Sumitomo Corp. At the same time, Ripple has signed a deal with the Central Bank of Montenegro to explore applications for a national digital currency. Meanwhile, Wyoming defends its crypto-friendly bank charter regime amidst Custodia Bank's lawsuit with the Federal Reserve. The SEC is also facing a major legal battle concerning the future of crypto, as Coinbase announces support for Flare (FLR) on the Flare network.

Ripple, Montenegro sign deal on project for unspecified national digital currency
The Central Bank of Montenegro and blockchain solutions provider Ripple announced a deal to create a national digital currency for the Balkan country.
Wyoming defends crypto-friendly bank charter regime in Custodia Bank’s lawsuit with Fed
Wyoming AG Bridget Hill filed a motion to “intervene in the defense” of the state’s regulation of SPDIs, pushing back against claims the Fed made in filings with Custodia Bank.