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How significant was the delisting of XRP Coinbase?

This is interesting. It would mean 4B XRP was held on Coinbase at the time of the Flare snapshot. That’s about 8.8% of total circulating XRP that was held on Coinbase at the time. The impact of the Coinbase delisting a month later was significant.

Weird. I don’t know Ripple anointed Schwartz as spokesman

There is nothing else Ripple can realistically do with its XRP and the general consensus is that it would be better if Ripple held less XRP.

Update: The SEC has lost 5 of its last 6 cases in the Supreme Court.  SEC v Cochran (4/14/23)

Updated explanation by Ripple on Liquidity Hub. XRP will be evaluated with other tokens once it has regulatory clarity. @JohnEDeaton1 was correct, and in my video I guessed the use case would be added after law suit.

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