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  • Ripple vs SEC case: Speculation on Clayton's motives for filing the lawsuit and potential outcomes.
  • Banking industry power play: Ripple's disruption of the infrastructure and potential collateral damage.
  • Badass Yetis coffee sponsorship: Promotion of the brand during the meeting.
  • XRP and Ethereum's first mover advantage: Ethereum has an established first mover advantage, while XRP is still relatively new and unproven in the game.
  • The future of technology: The conversation touches on the sophistication of technology and how it is becoming more sophisticated, with the government taking away freedom.
  • Gary Genser's resignation: There are rumors that Gary Genser may resign from his position, but most likely he will move on to a better position.
  • Browser-based authentication: The group discusses browser-based authentication as a way to authenticate transactions and fulfill tasks using XRP L.
  • Rev Racing platform: The Rev Racing platform is discussed as an example of a platform that was difficult to use due to high costs associated with moving Ethereum and connecting to Polygon network.
  • Launch of White Tribe: Excitement about the upcoming launch of the White Tribe NFTs, with free samples for Blue Tribe members.
  • Badass Yetis: Discussion about the Badass Yetis NFT collection, including different levels of notoriety and a request for a female version.

Deaton: The fact that @andrewrsorkin @BeckyQuick and @JoeSquawk don’t ask Clayton any real questions is mind blowing to me. He couldn’t survive 5 mins of real questioning and I wouldn’t even have to get into:

1) Clayton’s family gets millions (over 4M) of dollars in annual dividends…

XRPL Browser wallet

Crossmark is a browser-first digital wallet built on top of the #XRPL and it will provide an easy way to sign transactions and switch between networks.

Learn more about the project and why they chose to build on the #XRPLedger. (2/3)

Ripple pay for play article?

We're experiencing a seismic shift in finance.

While cross-border payments are traditionally costly and slow, Ripple's @_b_berry tells @FinancialTimes how #blockchain helps solve these challenges and drives a new era of global payments networks.

The BIS is another useless organization in search of a cross border payment that already exists with the XRPL.

But they prefer to build on ETH. You can't make this shit up.

#ripple #XRP Fam Morten
Bech ~ The Head of the BIS Innovation Hub in Switzerland 🇨🇭speaking about the partnership between Switzerland & The @BIS_org and Project Mariana.  “We are basically trying to build AMM for CBDC and hopefully that will help speed up and make Cross Border…

A tokenised financial system is on the horizon. Pay attention to what’s being researched, experimented on and built.

The BIS’s recent announcements of:

🔸Project Dynamo: an institutional look at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and trade financing

🔸Project Rosalind:…


BRICS sounds good on paper. Let's see if they can agree on which currency will be a reserve currency. I can't see China, India, and Brazil agreeing.

It does make sense for each country to use its currency for trade. However, the FX fluctuation, like the rupee with India, could see wild swings.

They should just use the XRPL to use their own currency to the other trade country. It eliminates the wild swings with currency and provides liquidity.

The big government people keep spending more money than anyone will even lend us - and it’s popular. The central banks (ours and others around the world) print more money to cover the gap. This destroys the value of your money - it takes more money to buy the same…

The fake news tip-off is it was released on the weekend, where it isn't easy to get comment.
Gary Gensler news he had resigned. 😂

I tried to get an answer from the @SECGov flack on @GaryGensler’s rumored resignation (which sounds like wishful thinking from his haters). When I asked the question via email, his chief PR guy said “Sorry what?” When I re-asked the question, radio silence. That was 4 hrs ago

My @SECGov sources are calling BS on this. I’ve contacted the SEC comms department for an official comment and will post the response when I get it.

John, the problem extends the Dec 21 meeting. Their smart and use intermediaries. Consider the situation where Gensler meets with Hank Paulson, engaging with the Chinese government.

This rendezvous takes place nearly every month. Why is it permissible for someone…

Arrington recently filed with the SEC for an XRP-based hedge fund. Seems there is an expectation for all to go well...


What a ride this has been… We will eventually get there! 🕶️
#XRP #NoDoubt

go ahead, keep pretending that the Prometheum CEO, Robinhood CEO, & DeepFuckingValue aren't all the same exact guy wearing different funny costumes

they have played us for absolute fools