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We have covered the following topics:

  • The proposed agreement between SEC and Binance to ensure US-based crypto trading platforms can access US customer funds.
  • Binance is pulling out of the Netherlands due to registration issues.
  • The regulatory framework is being solidified in other countries, while the US faces significant issues.
  • SEC's objective is to crush the crypto market, which may or may not lead to XRP going to zero.
  • Jeff secured tickets for Tottenham vs. Man United opening home game on August 19th.
  • BRICS and the rise of the yuan: China is ratcheting up its position for the yuan to gain normalcy in different bond markets for trading, which could potentially dethrone the dollar.
  • Competition and division in global politics: The competition between countries like China and the US is good, but it can also lead to infighting and division. The destruction of culture and family can also contribute to this.
  • Ripple Lawsuit: Ripple's fight against the SEC and the impact on their business and investors.
  • SEC Stabilization Act: Proposed bill to remove Chairman Gensler and restructure the SEC to restore focus on its mission.
  • Major Questions Doctrine: The principle of statutory interpretation in the US Administrative Law states that Congress does not delegate executive agencies issues of major political or economic significance.
  • Ritchie Torres' statement: Members of Congress should decide the future of regulating digital assets and other emerging tech like cryptocurrency, not unelected bureaucrats.
  • Censure: A formal statement of disapproval that does not remove a senator from office but can have a powerful psychological impact on relationships.
  • Meaninglessness of censure: Censures are pointless and do nothing; they are just for media hype and do not significantly impact the person being censured.

Articled we discuss:

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