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  • XRP Ledger's Technology: The XRP Ledger is an open-source, decentralized blockchain pioneered DeFi by introducing the first decentralized exchange, tokenization of assets, and more. It offers fast, inexpensive, reliable liquidity and settlement, which is ideal for decentralizing finance.
  • Ripple's Real-World Activity: Ripple utilizes many different aspects of the XRP Ledger's technology for cross-border transactions and foreign currency transactions. MoneyGram uses ODL, which provides liquidity on the DEX via existing relationships.
  • Trigger Warning: The podcast episode "Losers Don't Win" received much feedback from the community, with many people getting triggered. The hosts plan to ramp up the titles with trigger warnings in the future.
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending: The possibilities of P2P lending on DeFi platforms like Prosper and real estate investment platforms were discussed as a significant outcome of decentralized finance technology.
  • Gary Gensler's Views: Gary Gensler's views on disrupting decentralized finance in the United States were mentioned as a potential threat to the growth of DeFi technology.
  • XRP Carolina: A former co-host who used to do a show with one of the hosts was mentioned as an OG with the show who has not been seen in ages, but made an appearance during this episode.
  • Removing third-party banking element: The possibility of removing third-party banking element from the whole solution was discussed, but it was concluded that removing all third-party entities from peer-to-peer business transactions or movement of funds is difficult.
  • Future of decentralized finance: The future of decentralized finance (DeFi) was discussed, including the potential for legislation around digital assets and stablecoins and the possibility of a global marketplace without banks involved. The XRP ledger was highlighted as a key player in the DeFi movement.
  • XRP Ledger's evolving proposals: Side chains and hooks to unlock more opportunities for decentralization and innovation.
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi): Defies the traditional banking system, allowing individuals to lend and borrow money with modest returns.
  • Automated market makers (AMM): Automating the trading process, removing intermediaries, increasing control over assets, and transacting with increased security.
  • Federated consensus: Eliminates minor extractable values (MEV) in front running, providing more flexibility, liquidity, income opportunities, and DeFi.
  • Power struggle: Banks are trying to maintain control over the new technology by diminishing it in the US while pushing it overseas.
  • Blockchain and Title Work: Blockchain technology can eliminate manual work in title research and certification.
  • Potential Cabinet Shake-Up: Rumors suggest that the Biden team wants to shake up cabinet positions in the finance sector, including Gary Gensler's position as SEC Chair. Donors are unhappy with his approach to crypto regulation.
  • Danjiki dojo: A Buddhist concept in practice to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Video Title Triggering: People commenting without watching the video, prompting trigger warnings and messaging.
  • Ripple Lawsuit Defense: Ripple's defense of the lawsuit on behalf of the entire crypto industry in the United States.
  • Ripple's Badassery: Ripple's refusal to bend the knee and stand their ground against allegations of fraud.
  • Father's Day Beer Gift: A viewer's gift to Jeff and Chip for Father's Day.
  • Ripple's legal battle: Ripple is one of the few companies that can withstand a lawsuit and keep paying lawyers. They have an unlimited budget, which is a problem for their competitors.We

How the $XRP Ledger decentralizes finance and empowers individuals and businesses since 2012🧵1/11

#XRPL is an open-source, decentralized blockchain, with a robust technology that pioneered DeFi by introducing the first DEX, tokenization of assets & more.

Stu Alderody- download video

“We've actually been benefited by the SEC suing us when they did,” @Ripple's @s_alderoty says.

“We're at the end of our journey and others are at the beginning of their litigation journey with the SEC.”

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Ripple Legal Chief on Hinman Emails, Crypto Regulation Outlook
Stuart Alderoty, chief legal officer at Ripple, is calling for an investigation into William Hinman, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) former Director of Corporation Finance, following the release of internal emails that revealed the SEC’s internal discussions about a 2018 speech.…

Why is the UAE a #crypto hub? 🇦🇪

@navinblockchain, Managing Director, South Asia and MENA, describes how remittance is a key use case for the region, enabling success for entrepreneurs in the #Web3 world.

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Crypto Eri’s response

Since May 2023, the @SECGov has a new Inspector General, Deborah J. Jeffrey.

She is now responsible for deciding whether to investigate our referral from last year in light of the recently unsealed Hinman emails. | SEC Appoints Deborah J. Jeffrey as Inspector General


FTX founder SBF is allegedly ratting out everyone in the industry right now to U.S authorities.


Heard from a friend that the rumors in the DC fundraising circles are that the Biden team wants to shake up some chairs/cabinet positions in the finance sector to take the heat for the economy before the next election.

Yellen tops the list.