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  • Loyalty to the Constitution: Public service requires employees to place loyalty to the Constitution above private gain.
  • XRP as a security: The question of whether XRP is a security remains an open legal question, and there are differing opinions on the matter.
  • Ripple and XRP as a Security: The SEC's theory that XRP is a security per se is unsupported by law. Secondary market sales do not maintain security status.
  • XRP Community: The XRP community has brought people together, allowing them to engage with one another and meet amazing individuals in the on-chain community.
  • FTX Funds Mismanagement: Millions of dollars are being paid to attorneys instead of victims, with no accountability or transparency.
  • Incumbents Jumping into Crypto: Large organizations like Black Rock and Deutsche Bank are filing for Bitcoin ETFs, revealing incumbent bias by the Fed.
  • Bias Against Crypto Startups: SEC is biased towards large incumbents like Black Rock and Fidelity, while startups like Caitlin Long's are denied assistance.
  • Max Kaiser's Bitcoin Maximalism: Max Kaiser is a passionate Bitcoin maximalist who believes XRP was marked for death and Gary Gensler's job is to take it out.
  • Anonymous Nature of Bitcoin: The fact that the founder of Bitcoin is unknown raises questions about the legitimacy of approving a Bitcoin ETF.
  • SEC's message to the crypto community: "If you create a cryptocurrency, never reveal who you are; hide forever like a modern satoshi."
  • Inflation and erosion of the US dollar's value: "Ninety-seven percent of its value has been eroded."
  • Court's Continuing Jurisdiction: On October eleventh, the court is calling the SEC's bluff. The court could have dismissed but chose to exercise continuing jurisdiction.
  • Real-World Project Announcement: A very first Badass Yetis real-world project that you can buy with fat will be announced shortly.
  • Badass Yetis Purchase: Badass Yetis can soon be purchased with a debit card or visa directly at Super Mojo.

Filan on Alderoty

#XRPCommunity #XRP from @s_alderoty “Public service is a public trust, requiring employees to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws and ethical principles above private gain.”


This Deaton thread should be put in the Crypto Twitter hall of fame.

Read on for why sales of an asset SOLD AS a security do NOT maintain that status in the secondary market


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I understand Marc’s comment that secondary sales are an open legal question and whether a Howey analysis must be applied to secondary market transactions. But when you look at the existing case law in totality it strongly favors that you must apply Howey at each subsequent sale.

Oskar gets a shoutout from Deaton

@oskararnarson is very talented and he literally captured personalities in the animation. Like many in this community, he is awesome.

When the universe sends you something like this, it's time to express the gratitude with action and pay it forward, which is what I'll do today. Thanks again John. #XRP #XRPArmy

The corruption is staggering - Retail is always collateral damage


Deutsche Bank applies for digital asset license. 🤷‍♂️

Listen, anyone who has been paying attention knows that at some point the incumbents said “we can’t kill it, it’s here to stay” and decided to crush it so they could buy it up. @cvpayne and I almost a year ago.

Jamie Dimon’s @jpmorgan gets fined almost every year for manipulating markets like precious metals. They get fined tens of millions while they make billions (impressive ROI). Recently, they settled a civil case where they were not only aware of a sexual predator but assisted him…

The Third Circuit just ruled that it will retain jurisdiction over our challenge to the SEC's inaction on our petition for basic rules for crypto. A further report is due in 120 days. We are grateful that the Court will continue to shine a bright light on an SEC process that…

Deaton responds

This forces the SEC to provide a real update on October 11. The Court is calling the SEC’s bluff. The Court could’ve dismissed but chose to exercise continuing jurisdiction.

With #BITCOIN up 10% and climbing, it would be nice for a great decision to come out this week being  a significant win for all crypto. But a certain group of token holders who have held on to a specific token through incredible fud campaigns, as well as being attacked by the…

Thanks to Mike Maurath

🚨 FED CHAIR POWELL RE STABLE COINS: “It would be right to have a robust Federal role in what happens in stable coins — leaving us with a weak role and allowing private money creation at a State level would be a MISTAKE.”

The message that the #SEC wants to get across to the #CryptoCommunity is "simple", it goes something like...

If you create a #cryptocurrency, never reveal who you are, hide forever, like a modern Satoshi. Otherwise, it's breaking security laws that the SEC is unable to but…


XRP doesn't have a case to win.  😂

WOW…BUT WHAT HE WON’T SAY is that the Fed thinks only large incumbents should service #crypto. Start-ups that comply with all Fed laws, rules & regulations are being kept out, while Fed lets large incumbents proceed. Master acct list revealed stunning incumbent bias by the Fed…